Handmade Gift Guide - DIY tutorials

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Canvas Prints

A canvas print makes a superb looking piece of wall art that would take pride of place in any room of any recipient's home. Choose a photo and the photo gift service will print it directly onto the canvas before stretching it over a pine frame and sending to you. Ensure that the canvas and the frame are a very good quality in order to ensure that it will last for many years to come.

Photo Calendars

A photo calendar enables you to pick twelve photos, one for each month of the year as well as accompanying captions for each of these pictures. You can also choose a picture for the front cover, a title for the calendar, and the months in which the calendar will start and finish. Rather than using a single picture for the front cover you could have a photo montage created in order to make the most of all the pictures you want to use.

Montage Prints

A photo montage is a collection of pictures and once designed it can be added to any of the photo gifts in this article. One of the simplest but most effective uses of a photo montage is to print it to canvas in the same way you would a canvas print. The size of the canvas will usually determine the best number of pictures to use but if you're not confident in creating the montage yourself you can have a professional designer create one for you using the pictures you provide.

Pop Art Prints

Another great use of a portrait photo, in particular, is to create a pop art version of that print. Pop art prints are extremely colourful and very personal and the most famous of this style of art is the Warhol picture of Marilyn Monroe. Another popular form of pop art is Banksy and you can pick any picture and have it converted to pop art before being added to photo gifts. Typically, though, a portrait shot of a single person works best with this method of photo treatment.

Customised Bags

Laptop bags, shopping bags, makeup bags, and even handbags can be customised with photos, design, and text. Choose to have a single picture printed on one or both sides or two different designs, one on each side of the bag. Photo bags are also a very good and striking use of a pop art conversion.

Handmade Gift Ideas And More

Handmade gift ideas really do carry a lot of appeal but getting just the right balance of personalisation with good quality is very difficult for the majority of people. Photo gifts are a good combination and they enable you to give a personal gift to any recipient while ensuring that they are very good quality and will last for years to come while being appealing and heartfelt.