Unique and funny gifts ideas

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Most people enjoy getting funny gifts every once in a while. It's a misconception that every gift has to be useful or practical. The point of giving presents is to make the recipients happy. If the gift you buy them happens to be something they need, that's great. However, certain people seem to have everything, and often times you have to think hard about what to give them. If they have a sense of humor, you should consider buying them a funny gift.

If you're looking for funny gift ideas, the first place you should visit is your local gift store. While certain retailers specialize in funny gifts, most others have them scattered throughout the store. So, you may have to walk through all the aisles and keep your eyes open for items that you consider fun or funny.

Funny gifts are easy to find in tourist areas. Look for souvenirs such as t-shirts and coffee mugs with funny writings on them, as well as unique decorative items. For instance, one time when I went to Hawaii I bought my roommate a small dancing hula girl that he stuck on the dashboard of his car. If you visit places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City you can also find plenty of funny gifts which are adult oriented. If you opt for such a gift, you need to make sure that the recipient will indeed appreciate it and not get offended.

So, the next time you go on vacation or visit another city just look for funny gifts in the souvenir stores and purchase a number of them to be given to different folks on different occasions. In other words, you don't necessarily have to give them all as souvenirs. You can save some of those funny gifts as Christmas or birthday presents as well.

Another great funny gift idea is to make a gift basket filled with fun things that will make the recipient laugh. That's why it's a good idea to buy several small souvenirs while you're travelling. When the time comes you throw them into a gift basket, creating something unique that the recipient won't get from anyone else. Attaching a funny greeting card is an excellent idea.

You can also get more funny gift ideas online. There are web sites devoted to gifts, including fun ones. When you see items that you like you may want to go to an auction site such as eBay and see if they have them at bargain prices, which often times they do.

Wedding gifts

Funny wedding gifts are one of the few that make the wedding party a hilarious yet memorable one. Making the couple remember this special event in their lives is what we meant whenever we present them our tokens and we sure can give something exotic to give them a taste of excitement during their wedding party. Not only do silverware and antiques last a lifetime of memories for the bride and groom there are also a lot of funny gifts to give them that will bring smiles to them whenever they look at your gift. Bridal shower gifts does not only mean gifts that can be used by the bride in her new home after the wedding, she would also appreciate something that would make her laugh a lot. Make the people at the party smile and feel relaxed by bringing out your funny gift for the wedding couple. The hilarious gifts are those which come from their co-workers, close friends, and families.

Below are a few simple wedding gift ideas you can use before heading out to the store and buy your gift:

Family pets- The bride will surely love the thought of having her own pet as a gift again, this would bring a lot of laughter for sure. Bringing out something the newly weds really love can bring out the joy among the two and the whole of the party attendees. You can be plain when bringing the pet to the occasion by just even putting a ribbon around the pet's neck. The pet dog can be brought with a big "I Miss You" note for the bride for she will probably be living with the groom after the wedding.

Beach gifts- The beach is often the official destination of newly weds so why not get them a pair of flip flops they can use when they go to one. Ask the family or the closest friend if they are indeed going to the beach sometime after they are married and once this is confirmed you can buy them flip flops for their get away. If you know the wedding theme before buying the gift, you can have the flip flops designed like their wedding motifs so it really matches the affair and will surely be appreciated by the bride.

Bridal Toilet Paper - If you want to give something which is a necessity, then give toilet papers. This is definitely a winner among gifts for guests, not only are these functional but they are not costly. This is the kind of gift that will be appreciated and laughed at the same time since no one would expect rolls of toilet tissue as a wedding present. You can buy this sort of gift almost anywhere, if you cannot find one that customizes the paper, then wrapping it with wedding paper will be enough. Don't forget to write the newlyweds a message full of wishes with your toilet paper to tell them that you still wishing them the best. To add humor to the gift, take one of the glasses or silverware you see on the table and add this to your toilet paper gift. Together take one of the glasses your self and ask if you can join their first wine drinking. This will make everyone laugh. The champagne can be a part of another entry during the party.

Groom and Bride T-shirts- Pair shirts with the words written as "honeymooners" or "just married" can be a part of their luggage when they leave. Though this is a very ordinary gift, the bride and groom will be thankful.

Wedding Day Survival Kit- Pick items not more than 30. You can put in fresh mints, soap, make up remover or anything that is not found in places without convenience stores nearby. These ideas are just a few of the presents you can give the couple. Coordinate with close friends and family so you can bring out the best in the couple and give everyone a jolly time. Let your gift show how you truly adore the couple and share with them happy memories during their wedding party.