Give a Gift

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Times are tight - face it, we're watching every penny. It's not all bad, we are demanding better service, better quality and are learning about the feeling of gratitude (I'm so grateful I can pay my bills...).

There are gifts you can offer that don't cost you a cent, and they are gifts as much for yourself as for someone else. I thought I'd just take the opportunity to remind you of what they are.

1. The Gift of Listening: Really listening, not thinking about what you are going to say next, not jumping right in with your opinion. Being still, being fully present and listening good advices. You might learn something!

2. The Gift of Affection: Give a hug, a kiss, hold someone's hand, and accept the affection coming back to you. Small actions demonstrate the love that you say you feel for something - don't tell me you love me, show me!

3. The Gift of Laughter: Share funny stories and find the happiness in a situation and bring joy wherever you go. Even if it is difficult at first, remember that a smile is catching. You can even sense a smile down the phone! It benefits you as well as the people around you and you will find a new Live jasmin lightness in yourself as the laughter releases heavy emotions.

4. The Gift of a Kind Word: Telling someone they look really well, that the food was tasty, or that they did great in something, can make a big difference to someone's day.

5. The Gift of a Favour: What you give out will come back to you ten fold, maybe not from where you expect it. So "Pay it Forward" and if you can, do something nice for someone and expect no direct reward. Just feeling the Jasmin live energy of kindness and love passing from you out into the universe is a reward in itself.

6. The Gift of Gratitude: Just spending time listing down all the things you are grateful for, and allowing the energy to come into your body can be a healing experience. You can share this with someone else by listing the things about that person that you are grateful for - why not splash out and make a handmade card, and write it inside of it!

7. The Gift of Creativity: We all have a capacity to create, when we are surrounded by negativity this is one of the first things to become repressed. Promise yourself to clear out the negative thought patterns and allow yourself to create some new, positive ones that will lift your spirits up and the spirits of those around you.

Hope you find something here that motivates or inspires you to do something different today, to share a gift with a close friend, or to gift yourself something you have been missing. Remember, we are here, now, that is why it is called the present. Ok, maybe I'm not such a good comedian, but hey, if I was, you wouldn't be reading this!

Customize the gift before you give someone!

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When it comes to looking for a unique and special gift to give a loved one during his or her anniversary or a special birthday event, it is normally a daunting task-daunting in the sense that you are spoilt for a choice. Fair enough, any gift; food, furniture, money, clothes, and the likes could be turned special depending on how its casing is engraved, given and to whom. It is only fair to say that most people prefer being given some sorts of an out-of-ordinary gift, a personalized gift that can't be found in any other place or with any other person apart from one it is offered to. To say the truth, personalised gifts can add a touch of class, identity, uniqueness, and a sense of special ownership onto an event and the recipient.

When chosen appropriately, personalised gifts can make all the difference to a person they are being gifted to. Basically, people's appetite for these types of gifts, especially for such special events as birthdays and anniversaries has grown dramatically over the last few years, making it big business for a quite a number of online retailers. Here are some ideas on ways you can create unique personalised gifts for a loved one anniversary or birthday.

Personalised message in an out of ordinary bottle: This is type of a unique gift can be particularly romantic, especially if given as an anniversary gift or a special thank you gift from a loved person. Truly, is there a better way of telling someone that you love him or her than sending a message in a special personalised bottle? The message should be of your own creation; in fact it is a perfect opportunity to express your feelings and in your own handwritten words, for instance on how you love that particular person or for showing him or her some gratitude for something special he or she did for you in the past.

Inside your message bottle is some white or any other coloured sand, sea-shells and a personalised and unique message printed on a special parchment paper. To make the gift even more unique, the bottle should be corked and tied with a coloured ribbon of your choice or a colour that the person being offered really loves, thereafter it should be delivered in a special constructed wooden box.

Personalised headline newspaper: This type of personalised gifts is increasingly becoming popular with the masses due to the flexibility and endlessness of creation ideas. The occasion and the recipient are highlighted on the front page of the sham newspaper as the real and current headline news. A personalization form is required to be completed by the buyer, with an actual photograph of the recipient. An expert newspaper editor then creates the main attention grabbing front-page newspaper headline. The editorial sentiments are of your choosing. It can be serious, funny or factual.

For you...with love

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Great ideas keep things up and running. Even when it comes to presenting your beloved with a first day gift, anniversary gift or honeymoon gift, you need to work out some top romantic ideas to express your deep feelings to your love partner. If you want to give some unique romantic gifts, you should be ready to rack your brains a little. In any case, you can surprise your beloved with top gifts at any time rather than waiting for an occasion.

If you are looking for gifting ideas to please your partner, here are some of the most useful tips you can use to express your love.

Flowers (how to make it extra romantic)
Well, there's no doubt flowers have always been a great romantic gift to give. But you can make your gift even more romantic by thinking a little more. When planning to surprise your loved one, know her favorite color and flower first. Now, you can get the most romantic flowers from the florist to gift her. In addition, you can also have the flowers decorated in a beautiful vase.

When it's about presenting your love partner, gifting her with delicious chocolates can be a good idea. To make the present even more romantic, you can combine another sweet gift along with the chocolates that you have bought her.

Romantic Novel
A great idea to rekindle your love relationship is to present your girlfriend with a romantic novel. To personalize this gift, you can first get the names of author she likes most. Once you have the author names, you can head straight to your nearest book store and buy a romantic novel to present your girlfriend with.

Music CD
Yet another romantic gift idea is presenting your girlfriend with music CDs. The best part about this gift is that you can compile both your and her love songs. Prepare a list of romantic Jasminelive songs that both of you love to hear. You can then put all these favorite long songs onto a CD, which can surprise your love partner with. On a beautiful evening in solitude, both of you can have a great time listening to the music CD you have compiled. It is a great idea to deepen your relationship and take it to the next level.

Bottled Message (hmm, great idea)
Have you ever thought about this top romantic gift? Well, it is truly a great idea to have your lovely message inside of a bottle. There are several online services that provide this facility. Search for these stores and get created a wonderful romantic gift with your love message in a bottle.

There are many other gift ideas you can use to rekindle that passion once again. With some brainstorming, you can work upon gift ideas to make them even more romantic. By using these romantic ideas, you can be sure to please your love partner and take your relationship to an intimate level.